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New Year New You

New Year New You

It’s that time of year. We are approaching the end of the holiday season and looking ahead to the hanging of a new calendar. For some, a new year brings feelings of excitement and promise. For others, it’s the sadness and letdown that comes once all the loved ones have left and the decorations have been put away. Whether you are feeling hopeful for what the new year will bring, or discouraged by current life circumstances, setting a New Year’s Resolution can be a great way to focus on manageable goals that can bring both a sense of accomplishment and pride. Whether it be a commitment to health, a shift in employment, or something more personal, setting a resolution can be a great way to make steps forward in the new year. Here are a few keys to get you on the path to success:

Be Realistic:

It might be tempting to set a massive weight loss goal or say you will finally move to that quaint little beach resort in the Caribbean, however for most of us that is rather unlikely. Instead, pick an attainable goal. Being realistic about your goal will make it easier to set a plan and stick to it. Choose a smaller goal, and build off of it. Maybe set the goal to work out 3 times a week, and once you consistently do that it will be easier to add a fourth day if you are seeing the results and feeling physically stronger. And instead of moving to the beach town, perhaps you set the goal to budget and prioritize visiting twice this year instead of just once.

Put it in Writing:

Studies have shown that writing things down or journaling helps with memory retention. And it’s more likely you will stick to your resolution if you put it in writing. Whether it is jotting it in a diary, making a focus board of your resolution with the goal written in the middle, or simply writing it out and taping it to a place you will see daily- the act of writing out your New Year’s Resolution will give you better odds of meeting your goal.

Plan the Steps:

It’s not enough to simply say you are going to find a new job, make a new group of friends, or get your house organized, you need to make a plan for how you are going to achieve the outcome you want. Figure out what steps you would need to take to get to where you want and map it out. If you want to find a new job, think about the contacts you have, who can help you with a resume, and where you are going to look for the new position. If you want to get the mess out of your storage room, come up with a plan (donation, organization tools, upcycling) to get the chaos out of your way. 

Track your Progress:

When you write out your plan, give yourself clear timelines to track. Whether it’s a checklist, a calendar with dates marked, or an app to help you keep track of progress, have a game plan for staying on top of your goal. This both helps you stay on task but also gives the added benefit of feeling accomplished and motivated as you work through the list of steps needed. And sometimes having a partner or friend to help you track can greatly help. Have someone to hold you accountable for the timelines you have set.

The Payoff:

New Year’s Resolutions can be a wonderful way to make changes in our lives. The New Year brings about a new sense of purpose. It gives us a chance to be intentional in reflecting on what is going well, and what we would like to be different. By setting a realistic goal, creating a written plan for how that is going to be achieved, and then tracking the progress, small or big life shifts can occur. So as you pack up that last plastic snowman and recycle all those torn boxes, take some time to create a resolution that will give you a jump start on a great new year.

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Jan 09, 2024 • Posted by Dave Przygocki

New to NOK Box, just received it. Looking forward to getting our affairs in order and trackable with NOK Box. I hope this blog helps.

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