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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's inside a Nokbox?

A: Your Nokbox has 14 different categories that account for every aspect of your life. Within each category is a set of labeled folders, covering different accounts, insurance policies, your pets, information about your home, your investments, your memorabilia, your health history, your ancestry, and so much more (66 in total). Inside each folder is a checksheet customized for that topic. On one side of the sheet, it tells YOU what to put in the folder. On the flip side, it provides your Next of Kin (NOK) with a place to organize that particular item and stay accountable as they manage your estate. The box also comes with a key organization system and a separate document holder for things like titles and birth certificates (and death certificates). When you're gone, this box acts as a map for your NOK, helping them find everything they need. While you are living, the Nokbox will keep you organized through the rest of your life.

Q: This sounds like something for old people. At what age should I set up my Nokbox?

A: You do not have to be old, nor on your death bed to put together a box. In fact, it would be much easier for everyone if that wasn't the case. If you are just starting out in adulthood, you may not have a lot to put in your box. However, as life goes on, you will. Having a box gives you a place to keep and manage everything and you can avoid having any other files around the house. When you go to apply for that mortgage, or file an insurance claim, or sell your vehicle, you can go right to your Nokbox to grab information you need. It's pretty awesome, and the Nokbox makes a great wedding or housewarming gift. No matter what your age or phase in life, it's a great idea to have a Nokbox!

Q: If I'm married, do we need one box, or two?

A: This can be a tough question, as it depends on how intermingled you keep your accounts. We suggest starting with one, and then seeing what you may need to supplement. Some couples wind up buying two boxes, while others get a Lite kit to add some extra sections to their existing box.

Q: Why isn't this a digital product?

A: Quite a few reasons, actually. Here are a few:

  • When you die, there is paperwork involved. Your NOK will receive checks, payoff statements, death certificates, and lots of other paper. They need a place to put it all.
  • Paper provides a place to make notes. You may want to jot things down, in your own handwriting, about different accounts or items. Your NOK will definitely be jotting things down as they go ("dial ext 455579 to reach Kim at the insurance company"). Especially if there are multiple people or siblings handling an estate, people will need a place to jot things down
  • There are services out there who will store all of this stuff for you. We just aren't one of them.
  • It will simply take forever for you to fill out all of these sheets, print them all up, and organize them. It's a lot of work to fill up your box anyway. We try to make it easy by giving you a check sheet and a folder. You can drop things in the folder and write nothing on the sheet. Or you can do the opposite. But there are no passwords involved, no encryption, and no hacking into a laptop--it's just a file, and it's easy.
  • Your life may be all digital, but think about who will be taking care of your estate. Will all digital work for them? Or, vice versa--maybe you are all paper, and your NOK is all digital. They will need to go through and organize all of your papers before they can digitize anything. The box makes it easy for them to do so.
Q: How do I keep my Nokbox secure?

A: How do you keep your file cabinet, your bills, your laptop, or your current files secure? Do the same with your box. The Nokbox also provides you with a zippered document bag for passports, birth certificates, titles, etc., so you can place this bag in a safe. We suggest a few ways to keep your passwords secure as well (we do not suggest writing every single one down in the box).

Q: What if I already have a file cabinet or a box?

A: Buy a Nokbox Lite! This kit contains everything in the Original box, except the folders, hanging folders, and box. You get your stack of manila folders, label them with labels we provide, add them to 15 hanging folders, label those with our hanging tabs, and drop a check sheet into each folder.

Q: How do I set up my Nokbox Lite?

A: Watch our set up video!

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What's the return policy?

If something is missing or damaged in your order, please reach out to and we'll take care of it right away.

We have had very few full returns--pretty much everyone loves their Nokbox! We do not accept returns just because you changed your mind or decided you don't feel like putting together a Nokbox. We assemble these boxes by hand and they require lots of work to create and to ship.

If for some reason there is an issue with your product, here's what to do: Within 7 days of your receipt of the package, email us at Share your order number and what's going on. We will send you the Return Form that must be competed before we can process your return.

You'll send the box back to us, postmarked within 7 days of our receipt of your form. If the item arrives fully intact with the folder contents unpackaged, undamaged, and unused, we'll send you a refund for the product.

We do not offer refunds on shipping and we do not offer refunds after 7 days of receipt. If you got free shipping when you bought the product, we will deduct the shipping fee from the refund.

Good customer service is a value at The Nokbox. We'll take care of anything that isn't right, and we'll do it quickly. But please be kind. There is nothing whatsoever that should make anyone angry or frustrated with The Nokbox--we're happy to take care of you and fix any problems there might be.