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Love the Nokbox and want to partner with us? Here are a few ways:

✔ GIVE The Nokbox to clients or customers via custom discounted gift certificates

✔ SHARE The Nokbox with your clients, viewers, followers or groups. We've got affiliate links, coupon codes, events, and The Nokbox makes for GREAT content to share on your socials, newsletters, or blogs.

✔ SELL The Nokbox in your retail space or your organization

✔ GIFT your employees with wellness and financial literacy with The Nokbox.

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GIVE The Nokbox to your Clients

And watch them breathe a sigh of relief!

We work with Estate Planners/Attorneys, Funeral Homes, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, and more.  We offer gift certificates by the dozen, and we'll handle the fulfillment and shipping so you don't have to store boxes or worry about your clients getting the exact box that they want.

Your clients will LOVE The Nokbox and appreciate the added value you've given them and their family. And they will show off their box and sing your praises to their friends and family--it's a great referral tool.

SHARE The Nokbox

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Offer Nokbox to Your Employees or Staff

Do you have wellness grant funds or want to offer a unique and practical benefit to your staff? The Nokbox is a wonderful way to show your support to your employees and their families. We can put together bulk orders as well as classes for you and can work with any budget.

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Host a Nokbox Event or Party

If you want to share the Nokbox with your friends, family, and social circles, have an online or in person event! You’ll earn $10-$20 for every box sold, and the people you know will love learning about the Nokbox system. You can even keep on working on your boxes together after your event is over.

This is a great option if you have a business or social group for end-of-life planning or caregiving. You can share the box with your followers and either earn money, or just give them a great discount. Click the button or email who can talk to you about ideas!

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Share Your Services or Products With Our Customers

✔ Be included in our directory of referrals
✔ Offer print marketing included in our kits

Email to share your interest and tell us more about your company.

Not seeing a bulk option that fits your needs? Have more questions? We are open to ideas.

Email us at and let’s talk!