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We offer a few different options if you need customized help getting started with your Nokbox!

One on One Assistance via Zoom

We’d love to help you get going with your Nokbox! In this single session, we will get to know you and understand your needs. We will help you set your end goal and create your plan for how to get there.

· Pre-session questionnaire so you can begin to articulate your goals
· One-on-one dedicated 30-minute session with a professional coach
· Follow-up worksheet to use as you begin to put your plan into place

Additional details:
· Phone or Zoom
· $30

Get personal coaching

Recently Lost Someone?

We can also set up a Nokbox for someone who has passed as you work through the first few weeks after the death of a loved one. Nokbox services help bridge the gap between the funeral home services and estate/probate attorneys and court and can save a next of kin, a trustee, or an executor a tremendous amount of time and money.

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