Are you leaving a scavenger hunt for your Next of Kin?

If something were to happen to you tomorrow, would your next of kin be prepared to manage all of your assets, finances, and wishes?  

They will if they have a Nokbox--or a “next of kin” box.  

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult.  It’s even more painful when hours are spent digging through your old file cabinets, hacking into your laptop, or rummaging through your stacks of bills.  

This is why we made the Nokbox.

The Nokbox is a complete system that helps you organize all of your accounts, possessions, social media presence, communities, kids, pets, personal history, and estate plans (even if you don't have estate plans yet!).  The Nokbox covers every aspect of your life (even down to the organization of your keys) and also helps your NOK manage your estate when you are gone with checklists and tips.  It will save priceless hours for both you and your NOK.

Regardless of your age or your phase of life, having a Nokbox is a pretty wonderful thing.  It keeps you organized while you are living, and it's a wonderful gift to your NOK.  You'll feel great when you have it completed!  


What's Inside the Box?

Inside are 15 categories covering everything from your life insurance policies to your funeral directives, to your dog’s vet information to the code to that storage unit across town.  Nothing has been left out, so you will know you've got it ALL covered. 

The BEST part of the Nokbox is the checklist inside each folder.


On one side, it tells you what to add to the folder.  


On the other, it tells your next of kin what to do with the information.

There's nothing else like it!

"When I had to head out of state to take care of my dad's affairs, I had no clue where to find things, or what to do with them.  He had a will.  It wasn't enough." 


Who’s in charge of your life after you’re gone?

Most of us live our lives online, yet still have tons of paper.  It's incredibly hard to keep track of it all.  

Will your NOK be able to take care of your pets, dependents, and home?  Will they even be able to find your house key?


If you’re like most of us, your life is scattered everywhere: online, in files, in storage, or just in your memory.

We've created a system that covers literally every detail: you will never need another file cabinet (or stack of papers) around again.  As you age, you'll have information readily available.  When you die, it will be ready for your NOK (and will help them organize their tasks too).   It's a peaceful feeling knowing it's all done and ready to go.  

Your NOK should enjoy your memories, not your mess.

Everyone needs a Nokbox!

It organizes your life into one simple box.

Did you know most estates have to go through the probate process, even if you leave a will behind?

Will your loved ones know how to manage probate, or even be able to find what they need to get started? 

They will if you have a Nokbox.

Our Story

Hi! I'm Maria - a teacher, real estate agent, and mom in beautiful Littleton, Colorado.

In 2021, my dad passed away and my brothers and I headed to his home in upstate NY.  We not only had to notify his loved ones, plan a funeral, and write an obituary; we had to figure out what to do with all of his possessions and open up his estate with the local probate court.  We had no idea how to do any of this!

From there, the first ever Nokbox was born!  And it was too good not to share with the rest of the world.  We hope it helps makes this process easier for other families.


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