Are you leaving a scavenger hunt for your Next of Kin?

Everyone needs a Nokbox!

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult.  It’s even more painful when hours are spent digging through your old file cabinets, hacking into your laptop, or rummaging through your stacks of bills.  

This is why we made the Nokbox.

The Nokbox is a complete system that helps you organize all of your accounts, possessions, social media presence, communities, kids, pets, personal history, and estate plans (even if you don't have estate plans yet!).  The Nokbox covers every aspect of your life (even down to the organization of your keys) and also helps your NOK manage your estate when you are gone with checklists and tips.  It will save priceless hours for both you and your NOK.

Regardless of your age or your phase of life, having a Nokbox is a pretty wonderful thing.  It keeps you organized while you are living, and it's a wonderful gift to your NOK.  You'll feel great when you have it completed!  


Your NOK should enjoy your memories, not your mess.

Who needs a Nokbox?


Empty Nesters


Dual homes



Single Parents

Widowed Parents

Parents of:

- kids out of state

- only children

- disorganized kids

- siblings who may have conflict



Frequent Fliers

Ex Pats


Non-linear thinkers

Busy people




Those without an estate plan

Those with an estate plan whose NOK will need help to manage the estate

Couples where each partner manages different aspects of the household

Couples with young children

Pet owners

People who live alone

Those with a health condition

Those moving to or living in assisted living

Hospice patients

Those working on their financial plans

Those looking for a retirement or wedding gift

Those who worry about their NOK being OK after they are gone


Listen to The Nokbox Podcast

During the series, we'll talk about getting your life organized not just for now, but for after you're gone.


Our Story

Hi! I'm Maria - a teacher, real estate agent, and mom in beautiful Littleton, Colorado.

In 2021, my dad passed away and my brothers and I headed to his home in upstate NY.  We not only had to notify his loved ones, plan a funeral, and write an obituary; we had to figure out what to do with all of his possessions and open up his estate with the local probate court.  We had no idea how to do any of this!

From there, the first ever Nokbox was born!  And it was too good not to share with the rest of the world.  We hope it helps makes this process easier for other families. 

We're so glad you found this site, and hope you love your Nokbox!

What our customers have to say

The Nokbox checksheets anticipate all of the not-so-fun surprises that my loved ones might encounter after my passing - from finding my keys to knowing what to do with my social media accounts. With my Nokbox set up for my loved ones, I can truly 'Rest In Peace,' whether that day comes tomorrow or decades from now. No chaotic scavenger hunts. No wondering where urgently needed documents are - everything's in the Nokbox!  

- Hamilton B., Denver, CO

The Nokbox is a must have for everyone. A streamlined process that has been laid out to make a very challenging process simplified. The contents will contain everything that you can think of to help prepare all of your important information, and important information that you haven't even thought you would need. This is a must for everyone, of all ages, and stage of life! This will save you $1,000s of dollars when preparing a will or trust, because everything is all in the Nokbox!  - Lisa C., Littleton, CO

This is the organizational tool that EVERYONE needs but never thinks to address until they have put unwanted time, money and resources towards tasks. I have looked high and low for a system that houses all my information, and the results have been either too broad, not comprehensive enough, or not easy to implement. The Nokbox covers it all. This is a resource everyone needs for themselves and their aging parents. In addition to being a premier system to manage your daily life, it is essential in estate planning.  

- Michelle K, Littleton CO

Nokbox - Don’t add a headache to their heartache! 

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