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Are You Leaving a Scavenger Hunt for Your Next of Kin?

If something were to happen to you tomorrow, would your next of kin be prepared to manage your home, possessions, online accounts, assets, finances, and wishes?

They will if you have a Nokbox: a Next of Kin box.

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Leave memories, not a mess

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult. It’s even more painful when hours are spent digging through your old file cabinets, hacking into your laptop, or rummaging through your stacks of bills.

This is why we made the Nokbox.

The Nokbox is a complete system that helps you organize all of your accounts, possessions, social media presence, communities, kids, pets, personal history, and estate plans (even if you don't have estate plans yet!). It's an estate planning tool AND a home organization system: if you have a household, you need a Nokbox.

Forget Binders & Workbooks.

Maybe you've set up your will or trust and figured you are all set. You might even have a little "death binder" or a workbook you've filled out. However, look around your home...will your NOK be able to find and manage everything they need to? Are there file cabinets, junk drawers, or stacks of paper? Is information in your phone, on your computer, or just in your memory? How will your NOK know what do do with it all? And how can YOU keep it all together so you make your life easier while you are living?

The checksheets in the Nokbox tell you exactly what to drop into each folder, making it easy to fill it and keep it updated. They also help your NOK manage your estate when you are gone.

We have so much digital these days:
The Nokbox organizes it all and will save priceless hours for both you and your NOK.

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What's Inside?

Inside each kit are 15 categories, covering everything from your life insurance policies to your funeral directives, to your dog’s vet information to the code to that storage unit across town.

The BEST part of the Nokbox is the checklist inside each folder. On one side, it tells you what to add to the folder. On the other, it tells your next of kin what to do with the information.

There's nothing else like it!

Nothing has been left out, so you will know you've got it ALL covered.

Who Needs a Nokbox?


Pet Owners



Single parents

Widowed parents

Those with parents or kids who live out of town

People who live alone

Vacationers/Dual Homeowners


Empty nesters

Retirees & Downsizers

Those looking to declutter

Those looking for a COMPLETE home-organization system

Those in charge of the family finances

Those WITH an estate plan

Those WITHOUT an estate plan

Those working on financial plans

Wedding Registry creators

Real Estate Agents (closing gifts)

Financial Planners, Estate Attorneys, Funeral Homes

And mostly: Those who take care of EVERYTHING and your NOK would be lost without you

Everyone needs a Nokbox!

All kits have the same categories, instructions, and accessories.