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Nokbox™ Fireproof

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The Nokbox™ makes it easy to organize your entire life in one place.  This is the greatest gift you can give to your Next of Kin (and yourself)!

The Nokbox FP Includes:

  • 15 color coded, labeled hanging folders to organize the categories of your Nokbox

  • 67 color coded, labeled folders: one for every item in your life

  • 72 double-sided instructional checksheets

    • On the front of each sheet, there are instructions for you that list what information to include in each folder

    • On the back of each sheet, there are instructions for your Next of Kin:  The Noklist. These instruct the NOK on what they need to gather, and gives them a place to keep it organized, managed and accounted for.

  • 1 zippered Document Protector bag. This bag is for items that belong in your safe or somewhere secure, like passports and birth certificates.  The NOK will use this bag to collect other important items they need to keep secure while managing your estate.  We give you directions on what to do with this bag.

  • 1 zippered key pouch and 10 key tags. Our directions help you organize all of the keys in your home, and also provide the NOK with guidance on how to manage the keys and keep your home and other valuables safe.

  • Instructions on how to complete every part of your Nokbox for both you and for your NOK.

    • For you, it explains how to set up the box, how to use the key system, which docs to put in the zippered pouch, and how to let your NOK know about the box.  

    • For your NOK, it provides a brief "getting started after someone dies" list, explains how to use the box, and helps them manage keys & secure documents.

  • 1 fire resistant and water resistant collapsible large box with two handles and a lid.  Note:  The materials of the box are deemed fireproof and have been tested by the manufacturer.  We did a similar at-home test as well with success--fire did not burn the box, even after 15 minutes.  However, our company is in Colorado, and have seen wildfires that melt refrigerators and cars. We aren’t sure that there are any home fire safes that withstand that kind of sustained fire or heat (and if there are, they would be thousands of dollars).  Therefore, we claim that this box is fire-resistant.

    We don’t suggest you keep irreplaceable items in your Nokbox–that’s what the Protected Documents bag is for (keep it somewhere secure).  If your Nokbox was fully decimated in a fire, the worst part is that you would have to find and organize these items all over again. 

This system will organize your life. Use it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  We don't suggest you just fill it up and lock it away:  it's a great tool to keep yourself organized and bridge the gap between what you have online and what you have on paper.   We know you'll love it!

 Box dimensions: 14"D x 16.1"W x 10.6"H