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30 Minute Personal Coaching/Consult


  • Purchased a Nokbox and not sure how to get started?  
  • Sending the box to someone who might need a little assistance?  
  • Feeling disorganized and need some direction?
  • Need a little coaching or motivation to get going?

We’d love to help you!

In this 30-minute Zoom session, we will get to know you and understand your needs setting up your Nokbox.

We will help you set a few goals and create a plan for how to get them accomplished.

Included in this offering:

· Pre-session questionnaire so you can tell us how we can help you best

· One-on-one dedicated 30-minute session with a professional coach

· Follow-up worksheet to use as you begin to put your plan into place

Additional details:

· Phone or Zoom

· 30-minute session

· $30

If you need further coaching or want to work with someone one-on-one for a longer period of time, we can make a customized plan for you after this initial session.


What's Next?

Once you've ordered, we'll send you an email so we can get you scheduled.  Please be sure to add your email when you order so we have it!