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Customer Reviews

Cheryl Medlin (march 2023)

"After struggling through finding all the details and papers and passwords to get into my husband's computer and accounts when he died, I began teaching a course about how to prepared for end of life. Finding Nokbox was amazing. It includes every single thing I I was teaching in my workshops. Now I tell everyone about it. This is something everyone should have. I got Nokbox Lite because I had the folders and box I wanted to use. Such a great gift for the people in your life."

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Diane Handrick (march 2023)

"This is an amazing, very doable, product and process. I recommend this to SO many people. I love the idea that you can complete the entire box or just do some parts. Something is better than nothing! I bought the NOKbox Naked and put it in a tote, which has enough room to add other items that will be helpful to my family or even my spouse should something happen to incapacitate me or more. Thank you for creating this out of your family experience. This is one of those projects no one will ever regret starting. Time and energy well spent!"

Original review

I just got my kit in the mail the other day. I bought the naked kit. I’m still reading through the instructions but I am totally impressed with the quality of this product. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and when I saw this kit it made perfect sense. And the price was right!

For all the naysayers, you’re probably a lot more organized than I am. But I think there’s a lot more people like me who don’t have a clue where to even start. I am extremely thankful that this company is out there to provide a product like this. 

Nancy Moseley

I used this product to organize my paperwork and found it very thorough. I also appreciate the post-death task checklists in each file. Those will be very helpful for my kin to have those actionable steps.
My only suggestion would be for the creators to also combine those action items into one single master task list. That would make it a little easier for my kin to track their progress.
This is a great product idea and is very well done.

Dave K

Quality materials, heavy duty. Comprehensive and detailed information. I debated for months about buying b/c of the $. I finally bought the Nokbox Fireproof on sale, and am glad I did!👍

Sally K Simonelli