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Nokbox Lite 5 pack

$199.00 $295.00

Save with a 5 pack:  Lites as gifts for the whole family = so much peace of mind.

Gather with friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors and work on your Nokboxes together.  It's a lot of fun, and you will learn so much just by talking with each other about each item.  

 We'll send you 5 Nokbox Lites, ready for you to assemble. 

The Nokbox Lite Group or Party includes 5 Nokbox Lites, each with: 

  • 66 file labels and double-sided instructional check sheets
    • Each check sheet contains copyrighted material that coaches you through completing your Nokbox
  • 15 hanging folder labels to organize everything in your Nokbox
    • 1 zippered document protector bag
    • 1 zippered key pouch  and 10 key tags
    • Instructions on how to complete every part of your Nokbox (including links to our instructional videos)
    • Yearly email reminders to update your box