Host a Nokbox Group!

It can actually be a LOT of fun to gather with others to put together your Nokboxes.


Assemble your boxes as a group and talk about all of the "what if's." you'll be amazed at the stories that you'll hear and the things you'll learn. So many groups can team up to build their boxes.  

Think about gathering with: 

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Coworkers

  • Neighbors

  • Book clubs, garden clubs, etc.

  • Church groups

  • Rec Centers

  • Senior Centers 

  • Community Lodges, Chambers, or Rotary Clubs (we love the Elks Club!)

Group of mature friends reading a letter together and smiling and drinking red wine during

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If you want to consider teaching Nokbox classes in your own area, reach out, and let's talk!

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