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What Our Customers Have to Say

Jenn S

After my dad passed away earlier this year, I realized that having a will is important, but doesn’t help the people you leave behind find all the information they need. This is the perfect solution for that gap. Thank you for coming up with it, and for making it so easy!

David K

I used this product to organize my paperwork and found it very thorough. I also appreciate the post-death task checklists in each file. Those will be very helpful for my kin to have those actionable steps.
My only suggestion would be for the creators to also combine those action items into one single master task list. That would make it a little easier for my kin to track their progress.
This is a great product idea and is very well done.

Sally K

Quality materials, heavy duty. Comprehensive and detailed information. I debated for months about buying b/c of the $. I finally bought the Nokbox Fireproof on sale, and am glad I did!
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