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Nokbox™ Linen


Nokbox Linen contains all the same content as the Original Nokbox but in a softer, fabric-covered stylish box.  Keep your Nokbox right next to your desks and use it regularly.  We like how Nokbox Linen looks! 

The collapsible box will come packed flat. The content (folders, instructions, etc.) will come assembled and ready for you to drop inside your Nokbox.

What's in the Box:

The Nokbox Linen includes:

  • 15 labeled hanging folders to organize the categories of your Nokbox
  • 66 labeled folders: one for every item in your life
  • 72 double-sided instructional checksheets
    • On the front of each sheet, there are instructions for you, letting you know what to put in the folder or what information to jot down
    • On the back, there are instructions for your Next of Kin (The NokList), letting them know what they need to find and helping them keep track of it
  • 1 zippered  Document Protector bag, for items that belong in your safe or somewhere secure
  • 1 zippered key pouch  and 10 key tags
  • 1 collapsible, portable box
  • Instructions on how to complete every part of your Nokbox for both you and for your NOK.  
    • For you, it explains how to set up the box, how to use the key system, which docs to put in the zippered pouch, and how to let your NOK know about the box.
    • For your NOK, it provides a brief "getting started after someone dies" list, explains how to use the box, and helps them manage keys & secure documents.  

Shipping Information

Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days of your purchase.  Thanks for your patience!